Mystikal Jump Lyrics

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Poof, oh no not you, ****in' right *****
Uh, what uh poof ****, jump round jump
C'mon jump, jump, jump round, jump jump
I ain't got no more answers left, ***** i rap it all
You just ain't gonna have no more head after I snatch it off
What in the **** is you thinkin?
You can't do **** if you stankin!
Keep on thankin if I say it then it's done
I give a **** what you bringin
Because my ????? elbows be swingin
You here those ****in choppers cuttin *****s, run *****!!!
Hike *****, hut what
***** want some?!
Ain't nothin for ya represent where i come from
Front son, brown blood, I'll lay all of you down son!!!
Recognize a ****in killa when you be around 'em
Values and ?????
Sterroids and alcohol still a ****in athlete
**** strong with my jock strap on with the time clock
Bout to run the rock home
Yo ace brew crew and a hole in the clutch and a pocket on the field
And the down gets touhed!!!!

Chorus 2x: Uh oh here I come, here I go,uh oh, jump round jump!!!
Watcha want to do?!
Watcha gonna do?!
Let me know girl, jump, jump!!!

You can tell by the style of losin
I got all of my adveseries cruisin for a brusin with contusions
Cuts, atserations, broken bones, and open soars
Ripped spleans, sprained ankles, and broken noses
I bust the microphones i flip on!!!
I step on the stage and get my grip on
That's when you get you get the skip on!!
It's on and I'm the **** homes!!!!
I ****ed around and lost count of *****es I put the **** on
My ?????
And I'm cool when I talk to P
They ****in call me the home-town hero
I'm the center of attention
The topic of the discussion
It's understood they already know with out me sayin nothin
It's been like that since these *****s been down here wearin badges
I'm off the heasy!!!!!
I'm the reason for this pimp rap!!!
So I stumble over myself sometimes like I ain't got no mind
I said **** it dawg I'm over the crowd like the goal-line!!!!!!!!


***** you just like ten yards
Always the fisrt down
Be the first mutha****a off the bus and the last ***** to clown
Ol' sometime *** ***** ol' fake regular regular everyday common ***
No drama *** *****
I keep these *****s sippin' on super **** and advil
Punch 'em in their mutha****in *** and keepin it that real
Ain't nothin you can do to keep a ***** off the score board
It's fourth and four
****IN RIGHT I'm GONE!!!!


Jump, round, jump
Jump, Jump
Jump, round, jump watcha want to do watcha gonna do

Written by: Andre Bedward, Carlton Williams

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