Seven and the Sun Jump (The Velvet Rope) Lyrics

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  • 1 Jump (The Velvet Rope)
  • 2 Where Do You Come From Here
  • 3 Walk With Me
  • 4 Black & Blue
  • 5 I Pray
  • 6 Back to the Innocence
  • 7 Say It's So
  • 8 Don't Ask Me Why
  • 9 Tell Me
  • 10 I Won't Look Back
  • 11 Happy in Your Misery
  • Some people get lucky
    Born with a silver spoon
    Other people got to work real hard
    A whole life of paying dues
    One man got a big old house
    Fast car and swimming pool
    Another man got a big old wife
    Ten kids and one bathroom


    We're just stuck
    The velvet rope [x2]


    You gotta jump up so high
    Jump up jump over the rope
    You gotta jump up so high
    Jump up jump the rope

    Some people get lucky
    Take a chance to strike it rich
    Other people wll they bet it all lose
    Ain't life a bitch
    One man's on the guest list
    Arrives in a limousine
    Another man got to stand on line
    Outside in the pouring rain


    We got the world on a string
    Wrapped around our fingers
    We got everything we need
    We don't need a thing
    There ain't no rope that can hold us
    Nothing keeps us down
    There ain't a rope that can bind us
    We're gonna jump up off the ground

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