E-40 Jump My Bone Lyrics

[Chorus: x2]
I hope we can all get alone tonight
I`m tryin` to take me somethin` home tonight
Lay on my back talk on my phone and get my head lay on
Then after that she gon` jump my bone

Gettin tweeded up in the club *****s in the parking lot
Sasquatch pipmin *****es from different cities
And I`m tryin` to stick my ding-a-ling
Between one of these super badass *****es

"Say ho, oh, you don`t want me to talk to you like that?"
She say, "Oh I got your hoe, besides *****
I don`t even listen to rap"
I said, "How you know a ************ rap?"

She say, "Ain`t you 40-water?
I read an article on you while I was up under the dryin` net
Magazine double XL" (XXL)
I heard that, okay what`s crackaleezie what`s the heezie deezie?

Why you try to act like you was God`s gift to the world
A few minutes of a keezie leezie?
All my dentures gathered around to take a look
At this bankded beauty Dolly Parton gluteus maximus

*** big enough to fit a cup on her booty (booty),
Straight Centerfold Suzette
I`m in the mix (I`m in the mix) check it out
I`m in the mix like a blender

Stay right down the street from Paul from the Diamond Center
I used to cut grass for a livin`
But now I count cash for a livin` (beotch, BEOTCH!)


Now, there was a cool little old ****
Smoked a little broccelius then we stopped by the burrito truck
Stuck, man this **** here`s crazy
I`m in a Ford, Fix Or Repair Daily

Old school antique lifters tickin`
With a gas leak radiator off the heater reads
I`m in a desperate need of some antifreeze
****, ****, ****, ****, ****, **** what the ****`s wrong with this car?

****, ****, ****, **** I should`ve drove my Northstar
Dependable, new school get you where you need to be when you need to be
Enemies aimin` at me with they darts
While I`m footin` it, walkin` to Kragens Auto Parts


A week later, everything was fo` sho`
My album was about to drop so I went on a promotional to`
Bus driver why you cruisin` dude? Where we headed?
Houston Texas, one mo` mile, two mo` exits

Quarter to three me and the Mossie checkin` in at the Doubletree
Lemme call my dudes, who? 8-ball and MJG
Ball where da hoes?
All the hoes be at Poppago`s

Later on that day
Say you know a ************ can`t come to Houston
Without visitin` Little J
The Scarfaces, The Drapers and The Greens
The Northsides and Club Boomerangs and BEOTCH!


Written by: Dino Hawkins, Adam Horovitz, Darryl Mcdaniels, Adrian Miller, Rick Rubin, Joseph Simmons, Roger Troutman, Eric Vidal, Nick Vidal
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, A SIDE MUSIC LLC D/B/A MODERN WORKS MUSIC PUBLISHING

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