South Park Mexican feat. Jazmine Juan Gotti's Chic (Skit) Lyrics

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[SPM:] Man I don't like the way I did that, Filero. Look, rewind it & uh... rewind the music, let me try to do it one more time

[Drums sound:]

[Phone ringing:]

[SPM:] Damn! My-my phone. Hold... Hold on, Filero, let me answer this phone. Dope House Records

[Jazzmine over phone:] Is Juan Gotti there?

[SPM:] Um, nah, baby. Your calling my cell phone, you need to call him on his cell phone

[Jazzmine over phone:] Oh, I didn't know he had a phone. What's his number?

[SPM:] Well, f... uh, you have to buy him a phone first & then you'll know the number. Alright?

[Jazzmine over phone:] Oh, that's fucked-up

[SPM chuckles:]

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