Paradigma Journey's End Lyrics

Mare Veris Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Come Winter
  • 2 Best Regards
  • 3 Inner Chanting
  • 4 One Away From Paradise
  • 5 Sleep
  • 6 The Shadow
  • 7 Terra Mater
  • 8 Journey's End
  • 9 When the Storm Comes Down
  • This shrine overwhelms me
    As I become one with my own fate

    Through the inverted land I journey
    Where the seas of joy fall
    From the eclipse of blackness

    Some soothing darkness crawls up my spine
    This truth overwhelms me
    The heart of my soul unveiled
    Such perfection
    Mortals seldom do encounter
    The end, some sort of beginning

    ...My journey is at an end...

    The key to happiness
    The hope of beyond
    Is but a delusion

    ...I go...
    ...Far away to seek
    ...My coming, the truth
    ...Which lies far beyond my dreams
    ...It is the ever and ever for me

    It is an illusion, lest the power is
    Twisted it seems, as twilight ascends
    Welcome then its dim embrace

    To begin To cease To stray
    To wander To live To be


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