1-800-Zombie Jolt Yr Nuts Lyrics

All She Got Was a Bloody Nose Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Intro (Super Theme)
  • 2 Posi Anthem 2k6
  • 3 I Zoo Bob Saget
  • 4 T for Teen
  • 5 Workout Plan
  • 6 Portable Videogame System
  • 7 Octopus Ink
  • 8 LOL@Myspace
  • 9 Mad Flow
  • 10 Jewish
  • 11 We Are the Definition of Hip
  • 12 Jolt Yr Nuts
  • 13 Girls Gone Wild!
  • 14 Intrnt Tlk
  • 15 Birthday Party Deluxe
  • 16 Outro
  • Drinkin', drinkin' Jolt all night
    Helpin' me keep on the light
    Playin' my Nintendo
    But I have my Mario
    And I have my little Toad
    They will keep me company
    When I play them on TV

    I beat the bosses on each level
    And now it's your turn to settle
    Bowser you can suck my dick
    After I poke you with a stick
    I will stay up all night
    Just so I can win this fight
    But that cola's goin' down
    It's makin' me dance around
    Jolt is kickin' in alright
    I might have to pause this fight
    Up, right, down, down, side to side
    Jolt is goin' to win this fight

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