Versus The Night Johny Alpha Is Dead Lyrics

We're the ones who're stood outside
banging to get in, and begging for a break
from the cruel sun upon our backs.
We're crawling up the walls to catch a glimpse of what'S inside
and being shot and shoved and pushed and left aside to melt away.

We'll dance on the graves of those who hung us out to dry,
and left us there to die.
We're only a figure,
we're only a distance in their eyes,
a cover for their lies.

I would do anything just to get
back a small part of what it was
that made everything seem so bright.....

We're biding our time,
we're taking up arms,
concocting a plan to eliminate.

Burn to the ground,
take to the skies,
run for your lives our friends.

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