Johnny-lyrics-The-Gadjits/C0D9552EAB64F4A648256C930011AD69 The Gadjits Lyrics

The Gadjits Lyrics

He looked into her jugs and knew right then he wanted her
Took her to the railroad tracks and from there was no turning back

Oh Johnny, say it ain't so, Johnny (x4)

He got up the next day told his friends he'd been laid
Hurry off to his high school to take some tests and get some grades
Itchin', scratchin all day long, something here is very wrong


The important thing that Johnny didn't see
was that behind those pretty eyes was a venereal disease
He looked into her eyes and fell into the trap
Thought he'd gotten loving but she'd given him the clap

He went to see the doctor, he told him, "son you're fucked"
You didn't wear no Jimmy hat and now your goose is really cooked
Thought you'd get by without cover, got fucked over by your lover


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