Sarah Slean John the 23rd Lyrics

Universe Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Weight
  • 2 I Know
  • 3 Angel
  • 4 Me & Jerome
  • 5 Universe
  • 6 Pie Jesu
  • 7 [silence]
  • 23 John the 23rd
  • 24 [silence]
  • 44 Climbing Up the Walls
  • Of freezing boys
    Searching for the answer
    In a shiney dime

    Who beg for sleep
    And piece of mind
    Why must the aging page

    Me and John the 23rd have
    Tasted these sour words and I
    Just can't shake this belief that it's not a
    Test of devotion or something you read

    From the dawn of time
    They taught her why
    Not to ask those questions
    And never cry

    A plate of stars
    Could never take the place of the
    Boy who swore to catch me
    As I run through the rye

    I know it's been quite a long time since I
    Sang a hymn without guilt in my eyes
    And I believe he truly wouldn't care
    'Cause if you really tried, he'd save a place for you there

    My weary heart
    Is looking, restless
    Not for a pardon
    But just one promise

    All the faith that one can deserve, it's
    Enough to wonder why you punish your girls
    Sure he's facing you now, and not the wall, but wasn't that
    Better than facing nothing at all?

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