John's-Song-lyrics-San-Cisco/13ACB06476B593BF48257AD20013FF30John's-Song-lyrics-San-Cisco/13ACB06476B593BF48257AD20013FF30John's-Song-lyrics-San-Cisco/13ACB06476B593BF48257AD20013FF30John's-Song-lyrics-San-Cisco/13ACB06476B593BF48257AD20013FF30 San Cisco Lyrics

San Cisco Lyrics

I once met this old wise man
He invited me into his caravan
We sat down for a cup of tea
He sat down very gingerly
He said he's still got a sore back
From the time on the roof with Jack

[Verse 2]
"We were on the roof one day
When suddenly I heard Jack say
'Look out for that crack!'
I was lying on my back."

[Verse 3]
When I was just your age, I was already working
For a shilling a day
It was just enough to make ma say
"Oh, Johnny you make me so proud!"

[Verse 4]
Pa would come home from work
And say, "John, one day, you'll work with me down at the factory."
But I don't want to work in no factory
So I packed my bags and I headed for the tree

[Verse 5]
I was only away from home for about an hour
But I was home in time for tea
I said very politely that I didn't want to work in no factory

[Verse 6]
Pa said, "John you're a second-class citizen
And you're never gonna get very far."
I said, "Pa, I'm gonna see the world, I'm gonna see it all
I'm gonna be all that I can be, and more."

And then he finished his cup of tea
Reached into his pocket and pulled out a key
He said, "You can have my old caravan, I won't be needing it anymore
Because I've see all I wanna see, and more."

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