Chynna Phillips Jewel in My Crown Lyrics

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On this night
I'll give my soul to you
The warmth of your eyes
Holdin' my face
I'm a castle of stone
The walls coming down inside
You kiss my jaded eyes
For once in my life
I feel alive

You picked me up when I was down
You up and turned my luck around
When I was feelin' all alone
You made me feel like goin' on
You held me high up on a throne
You made a queen out of a clown
And your love is the jewel in my crown

On your lips
I taste my salty tears
The anger is gone
I am your child
I was lost in a storm
Shipwrecked at sea
But you rescued me


Oh, you've opened up these deep
Emotions locked inside me
Oh, don't leave me now
I'd drown again
I'd never mend


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