Cumchrist Jesus Sold Me a Bunk Eigth Lyrics

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All seeds and sticks, it looked like leaves - a tiny little pile
I said, "What the fuck, asshole? This weed is total shit!"
He grabbed my cash, took off real fast, and flew around a bit
Hardly ever seen from, he's complete ghetto scum
Asking me to buy some bunk
Is he who buys Jesus Christ's horseshit

Cumplete Track Listing
  • 1 Ditchpig
  • 2 Jesus Sold Me a Bunk Eigth
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  • 5 Vaginal Bloodfarts
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  • 12 Phlegm Phlagm
  • 13 Jehova Probe
  • 14 Yaweh Is My Mom
  • 15 Ripping at the Flesh of Jesus Christ
  • 16 I Spell God C. U. N. T
  • 17 Battery Acid Enema
  • 18 My Toothless Bitch
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