Ransom Jesus Piece Lyrics

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Niggas thought I was done for, sayin I should’ve done more
Cuff on my front porch, crucified me on one cross
Reminds me of that night that Mohamed held up the one torch
Sporadic with the fire, so lava men from the sun’s core (damn)
Spit flames, the devil could break a sweat on (sweat on)
I’m Rick James, a rebel when shaving heron
Inflict pain on a level you couldn’t get on
It’s Ran, I compete with the best and I take em head on
Yall niggas soft as the pillows I lay my head on
Gamble with yo life, I’m that nigga you put yo bread on
Lonely in my cell, niggas told me it was hell
Sneaking Rollies in my mail, couple homies on your trail
Niggas know me like Fidel, I coordinate the D
Like I’m Romeo Krenel, put the chromie at yo nail
Murdering every beat, I’m a surgeon on every beat
Put the burden on every street, have em squirming on heavy heat
Nigga, I tussle with the best of em
I was one of the best of em til they came and arrested em
Now I strangle the breath in him
Had my young boys mangle what’s left of him, now that’s the death of him
These niggas extra thin, feather weight
Devastate, penetrate
Flesh and skin, separate
Head and face, defecate
Next to him, desecrate
Check the tape, bless your fate
Best of friends prayin that you’re F’in weak


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