Queen Latifah Jersey Lyrics

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(Queen Latifah)
Yo what's up this is Queen Latifah in the house
Definitely representin' Jersey on the love love
Coolin' in Cali; shooting Living Single
But damn I miss home

[Hook 4X]
I can't.. forget New Jersey

(Verse 1: Queen Latifah)
When I think of home I think of a place where there's no over-flowin'
And all my family and peeps I knew when I was growin'
Mommy and daddy made me proud to be an Owens
Taught me to keep goin',
Straight up but never knowin' I would become
Her eminence and royal highness
The Queen Latifah; no doubt; one of New Jersey's finest
So, said it all
Get em' up on my own
Cause Jersey's what I think about when I think of home
Don't let no one get close to you except the chosen few
Stick with the ones who meant the most to you
When you were broke and blue, that's how fam do
That's how you stay true around these snakes
That freakin' smile when they hate you
I'm quick to take the ride down(???)
(Just another day living on a down)
My experience legit, my rhymes is on hit
It's mad truth to the room where we the shit; I can't forget


(Verse 2: Queen Latifah)
I used to work at Burger King but after takin' orders
I used to take the path to Latin Quarters cross the waters
When I learned to do the Wop, yo, I couldn't stop
I brought it back around the way to show the people on my block
Teacher, teacher, tell me how you do it
It looks so simple like that there is nothin' to it
So, we meet at Irvington high horse and after school I run
To the Willowbrook mall boost, there was (???)
I had a talent for getting up for gear
Petty thief, small time crook of the year
But I chilled cause I had bigger dreams than to steal
And Ramsey paid for me and Apache to put our voices on a reel
And I could hear myself on the radio
"45 King Special Red Alert Show"
Cause that's what life was all about to me
All EP Flavor Unit representin' Jersey


(Verse 3: Queen Latifah)
I think about my moms and my brothers when I'm on swoll
Sha, Kim, when I'm on swoll
My baby sister(2X)
when I'm on swoll
Halsted, when I'm on swoll
Ill-Town, when I on swoll
Chill-Town, J.C, when I'm on swoll
Irvington, Newark and so on, when I'm on swoll
Recognize the home of my soul
Hey, we got Naughty, The Lords, we got Nicky
We got Redman, the Artifacts and Whitney, Bon Jovi and (???)
Bruce Springsteen, and DAS FX
Shaquille O'Neal, oh he'll catch wreck
Tisha Campbell, Jerry Lewis, Tony Bennett
Back spin, will spin it,
Thursday peppermint and I'm in it
Shadows, I knows no foes in the spot
Cause them peeps is my peeps and my back is got
Nuff' respect to your borough, your block
You're black; I love to see us move as a flock
Unstrapped, against each other
No body armor
Nobody harms a hair on a head, everything calmer
We cool and ghetto stars and fools
We paid the dues
We made the blues
So come on with the come on
Get down with the get down
I'm down with my hometown sound

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