Jasmine Villegas Jealous Lyrics

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I don't know why I dont trust,
I go crazy when you hang with her,
I need a straitjacket for my mouth,
so my J E A L O U S feelings keep coming out,
I might as well wrap em up in a bow,
all I'm doin is making him wanna go,
all i'm doin is makin him wanna go,
I need you to help me calm my doubts,
so my J E A L O U S feelings don't bring us down.

I don't wanna be nag-naggin,
don't wanna be drag-draggin you down,
don't wanna be pull-pushin,
look what I'm doin now.
So I'm the girl, I'm the jealous girl,
J E A L O U S, boy, I don't know how you got me actin like this.

How do i stop all these thoughts yeah
then maybe our love ain't strong enough yea
i need to get a grip on myself
before i push you right into the arms of someone someone else
(i dont wanna be no no)
so i'm wrappin him up in a bow
(all i'm doin is makin you wanna go oh)
ohhh i need you to help me through my doubts
cuz my J E A L O U S feelings dont bring us down

i dont wanna be nag naggin ohh
no i dont wanna be drag draggin you down
i'm the girl i'm the jealous girl
boy i don't know how you got me acting like this

[chorus 2x]
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