Sage Francis Jah Didn't Kill Johnny Lyrics

A Healthy Distrust Track Listing
  • 1 The Buzz Kill
  • 2 Sea Lion
  • 3 Gunz Yo
  • 4 Escape Artist
  • 5 Product Placement
  • 6 Voice Mail Bomb Threat
  • 7 Dance Monkey
  • 8 Sun vs. Moon
  • 9 Agony in Her Body
  • 10 Crumble
  • 11 Ground Control
  • 12 Lie Detector Test
  • 13 Bridle
  • 14 Slow Down Gandhi
  • 15 Jah Didn't Kill Johnny

  • Jah didn't kill Johnny
    He had a date with death
    It was a slow train coming
    And we've all got a train to catch
    But Lord, take your filthy claws off the rest of my freinds.
    That is, of course, if they ain't already dead.
    I make no demands. I just make amends.
    I make my bed and I'm a lie in it
    But before I die...please...don't take anymore of my friends.
    Don't take anymore of my friends.
    The smoke didn't kill Johnny. The drink didn't kill Johnny.
    The junk didn't kill Johnny. The women didn't kill Johnny.
    Was it the road? I don't know. Was it rock and roll? I don't think so.
    But God, God, God...would never...kill...Johny Cash
    He had a train to catch.
    He had a date with death
    And we've all got a train to catch.
    Life is easy. Holler at ya boy. Life is easy.

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