Chingy Jackpot The Pimp Pt.2 (Skit) Lyrics

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Hey, whats goin' on y'all?
Its your main man, Jackpot The Pimp once again.
Did you miss me? Hope not.
I've just been pan-handling makin' these hoes walk backwards to the track to get my stacks or get smacked am I pimpin',
HELL YEAH, 24/7, 3 hundred 65 days outta a yurr, I am, Baby.
But check this out, I talk to my main man, Snoop Dogg, the other day.
He told me to make a bitch pay like she weigh.
Hoe, you made the bed you gotta line in.
Matter of a fact, Bitch, die in it.
You see you all this gator skin on me, hoe.
Fur on da rolls royce, flow.
Take ya shoes off before you get in hurr, bitch.
Say what? Pimp, I got the juice.
And the flock of hoes im bout to let it loose on yo strip.
Wurrs my cash, Trick?
Get My Grib.
Nigga, quit watchin' Superfly so much
and quit copyin the Mack.
I really do gotta Cadillac with a wheel
on the back that say "Hoe Slayer".
Hang up your game coat, nigga, and bow down to a REAL Playa.
Thanks to Asha T. for submitting Jackpot The Pimp Pt.2 (Skit) Lyrics.

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