Kathy Mar Ivory Rose Lyrics

Plus Ça Change... Track Listing
  • 1 Drink Up the River
  • 2 Grendel
  • 3 Saddest
  • 4 Crystal Singer
  • 5 I Am Lord
  • 6 No Heroes
  • 7 Shai Hulud
  • 8 Ivory Rose
  • 9 Velveteen
  • 10 World Inside the Crystal
  • 11 Little Green Eyes
  • 12 Spoon
  • 13 Ship of Stone

  • Chorus: Ivory Rose, I see your eyes in the petals of my bed
    They teach me more than all the highs that dance around my head
    Ivory Rose, oh Ivory Rose, you fit me like a glove
    Ivory Rose, you fill my garnet heart with love

    You listened to my silver songs through all the diamond snows
    And as the emerald leaves returned, I felt the golden glows
    Of early love begin to fill my heart with treasures no one knows
    You gave the spring to me with an ancient ivory rose


    The love I found in your sapphire eyes is nestled into my soul
    In the kisses of your ruby mouth my hollow heart grew whole
    And came to know the touch that sows desire, a flower of fire that grows
    And burns my pride to cinders, how I love you, Ivory Rose


    Ivory Rose, Ivory Rose....

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