Mystikal It Yearns Lyrics

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Old school *****s. (It's yearn!)
True hip hop *****s. Ha, ha. (It's yearn!)
This something y'all *****s can dance to.

Like that!
I be a black mutha****a from the 12th ward
I want some bullshit *****s hittin em hard
I hit em with more I make em run
I made a lot of noise with the **** I done
I give y'all a chance to roll but y'all *****s can't roll
Sit your *** down, let me show you how it go
I thought I showed you last time, when will you learn?
Watch what you ask for, *****, it's yearn!

The maniac brotha's back with another dramatic track
Crossin my path struck you like you a black cat
Maniac, abused, used, and abused
Try your luck and bring a pack for the horseshoes
You got nothin to lose, it just might help you out a bit
****, I doubt it
You're better off dead, goin head to head with a ***** like M-I-K-E
Your best bet's to pack your ****
Calm your head, bleedin *****
Sucka tragic you'll never get none
You better leave cause you only get one
Chance to make a break for it
Uh huh, leave now or get the pow
Get the **** out this area, I'ma have to bury ya
Mo thug, I draw blood
Whip that ***, leave ya face down in the mud
Militant, ***** I might be
But that's a risk you take when you **** with me
Headlocked, yo I dirt ya like a nacho
**** you go, bigger than G.I.Joe
You ain't know? I thought you knew
This time you can have it, it's for you
It's yearn!
It's yearn!
It's yearn!

Come on, come on
Well come away sucker fake MCs in the place
There's only one Mystikal so make no mistake
Comin straight in your face, sucker MCs I hate
Rhymes bite you in your *** like a rattlesnake
Bout your screamin no way
***** you won't escape
I'm like a boa 'strictor I kill, I suffocate
Hittin harder than Hitler, no slidin, no livin, no jivin
Got more *****s runnin and hiding than Batman and Robin
Takin out adversaries with rhymes I wrote
The sucker I'm the antidote
I the conductor of shive rhymes

Stretch like elastic, pure fantastic
Lift off and burnin MCs like amino acid
***** please don't try to battle, it's suicide
Those who have time watch me I do survive
This is only a suggestion, so ask no questions
Try and digest my rhymes ***** you get indigestion
Wrote this as a lesson so you will know
Comin hard mutha****as this physical
Be ***** *****es in my fans I brought a dime and
Understand I'm comin strong ***** harder than He-Man
With these hands, ***** laying face down on the curb
It's yearn!

Some murderer got the nerve to talk about me
***** I never heard of ya
That's a shame, you got the blame cause you're blind
You know my name, the M to the Y, S-T-I, the K-A-L
Rebel, ya smell, ya fell, ya tell, ya sell, hotter than hell
Soft as hell, I might as well SPELL!
I'm a big marine, M-I-K-E, you figure weaker then me
I speak uniquely, how in the **** do you plan to beat me
Ruler of hip hop, left ya shell shocked
Scare the **** out ya like Alfred Hitchcock
Don't wanna be bothered
I'm a rough ************ from the 12th ward
Never left nothin undone, breakin jaws for fun
Cocky as Paul Bunyan, have ya cryin like onion
Flyin low, a soldier born, ya chicken's choked
Explosive, ***** I'm the one that wrote this
I scream like rebel with the sword and snake
Your boss come to battle, it's not your week
I reverse my verse, I love to curse
You won't be the first mutha****er in the back of a hearse
Stomp, pop, clap, havin the last laugh
Then, I step back and grin at your dumb ***
Watch me burn, can't miss my turn
Like, do you want it?
It's yearn!
It's yearn!

Written by: Antonio M. Hardy, Danny Harris, Kurt Walker, Michael J. Tyler, Orin E. Jones, Rodney Lynn Temperton, Stephen Rolfe Breck
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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