The Young and the Useless It Hurt, but It's Over, and So Are We Lyrics

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my self-esteem depends on you,
don't leave me hanging like a thread, I never asked for anything,
but for you to care for me like I cared for you,
I never asked for anything,
I guess its hard to tell the truth, what's done is done now
we're through, lets be friends, what's a friend to you?
someone that you can say hi to, I've been hurting for too long,
I've been playing games too long,
I am over this I am over you, you were wrong!

It's taken everything to keep the tears from coming forth
I never want to feel the way I felt the day you said You Don't Care Now
I know that you have been send here to rip my heart to shreads

I wish I could've known the way you felt before I thought you were the one

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