Electric Six feat. Andy D It Gets Hot Lyrics

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Who's got the hose
Ooh, burning fire
It's like a looping machine

[Verse 1: Dick Valentine]
That sound that you've been looking for
Ain't nothing like this sound
Better turn your car around
That life that you were looking for
Is burning to the ground
Gonna have to hose it down
That weird kid is blowing up and selling energy
And every sucker's showing up they hanging effigy
Destroying all the evidence with the flesh-eating foam
In the time it takes to take you home, I could've gone back home

It gets hot
(It gets us so hot)
We hit a little spot
(I hit you in that spot)
I get the image a lot
(To show you what I got)
But probably not

Ooh, baby burn, baby (Tonight)
Ooh, baby burn, baby (Tonight)
Ooh, burning fire (Tonight)
Ooh, burning fire (Tonight)
Who got the hose?
Who got the hose?
Who got the hose?
It gets hot

Yeah you know it's hot

[Verse 2: Dick Valentine]
Bodies bouncing on the floor
Everybody getting wild, gonna show my dirty style
You better show me what that body's for
Hit the volume on your dial
The dime is dropping on you
And the devil's dropping in
And your big, big baby Jesus he gonna die for you all your sin
You ripping off your bandages
You never sitting still
You got no sense of common sense
You got no sense of kill



[Verse 3: Andy D]
I've got the hose, if you want to take it from me girl, you look (hot)
When you're on your knees, I'm begging please
I need your flame to cook
Like Randy, I'm Andy
Tonight it's time to burn
Stop, drop and roll on me
You better learn, (it gets hot)


[Outro: Dick Valentine]
Shot the flame (Tonight)
Hot, hot (Tonight)
Shoot the flame
Shoot the flame
Shoot the flamethrower everybody gets a turn
You've got so many fire safety lessons left to learn
Everybody up in here lining up to burn you got hot
Sticky Velma's kiss, I like it like this
I'm liking what you got
Cause it's hot
Hot, hot, hot

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