Mac Dre It Don't Stop Lyrics

Back n da Hood Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Back n da Hood
  • 2 '93
  • 3 Love Dat Donkey
  • 4 My Chevy
  • 5 It Don't Stop
  • 6 I'm n Motion
  • 7 Young Mac Dre
  • Well let me introduce myself
    A young go getter mind locked on havin' wealth
    Livin' wild with this thug style, I got these hoes
    Tuggin' all on my Avirex clothes
    A young brown Mafioso, I put my foot through the door
    Infrared light smilin' title, desert eagle 4-4
    Layin' Cubans on the floor,
    I send my ghetto troopers to the mother load
    To snatch a bottle of A-1 yo,
    I'm hearin' rapid fire through the house
    Eternal warfare with heavy weaponry
    Me and my soldiers ain't scared,
    You get a bullet to the head in trainin' if you don't aim for the head
    So I know my young shooters left somebody dead around the corner
    Plus got the yola out the trunk bendin' over
    Its daytime I can't wait till it turns to night
    Cause that's the time when ghetto stars come out and shine

    Quicker than outlaws I draw on haters with glocks and techs
    Buckin' at undercover agents dippin' off quick in the lex
    That's my trigger finger **** 'em lets bring the heat to the street
    Gave him one to the head and there he dead eternally asleep
    Deep in this cold world where there's no love, what the **** should I do?
    People be killin' they family for yola not trustin' in you
    But now I'm teachin' you some ackrite
    With forty-fives and flashlights
    ****in' around with thug *****s
    And drug dealers
    Manajetuahs and jaguars getting chopped in the drop
    Killin' haters that act hard ***** like it or not
    Cause it's a hold up, your hands go up real slow
    Should've told ya that I'm a soldier who kills hoes
    Pullin' no mercy on these busters ain't no callin' the cops
    And my nine is comin' to **** you ***** ballin' or not

    I'm off in this **** like Mr. Hanky, Janky, but when it gets stanky
    Time to rape fiends, my *****s take G's, make G's, but it ain't free
    Pimp *****s laced me when I was a baby, how to slang D
    And stained me, a suck ya up ***** lip locked but I can't speak
    Now it's crazy, *****s be lazy, imbecilic, milli vanillic,
    Can't speak on it but I feel it, I'm the villain stealin' scrillion
    Convo be thrillin' your brain waves get to healin'
    Just to reach out and touch you
    train of thought make a killin', Soldiers willin',
    So I do it for thug *****s and drug dealers through the snow and rain
    Focused on fetti **** how it came, steady remain
    Paper over hoes, and stay on my toes
    And air these *****s out like sandals,
    Blow 'em out like candles
    Handle my business and listen to my theezo
    And in this thuggin' category I keep it sharp as a needle
    Breathe on busters and bust the tech and make it go blah blah
    Funkin' with cops and duckin' the law play boy it won't stop

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