Badly Drawn Boy It’s What I’m Thinking Lyrics

It’s What I’m Thinking, Part One: Photographing Snowflakes Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 In Safe Hands
  • 2 The Order of Things
  • 3 Too Many Miracles
  • 4 What Tomorrow Brings
  • 5 I Saw You Walk Away
  • 6 It’s What I’m Thinking
  • 7 You Lied
  • 8 A Pure Accident
  • 9 This Electric
  • 10 This Beautiful Idea
  • I'm a failure at heart
    But it seems I succeed
    When my heart feels the need
    To be helpful

    It doesn't happen much
    And as a result
    It's a rare thing

    Did I see you today?
    Well if so I'd keep grace
    Cos I don't hold your face
    In my memory

    Everybody looks the same
    There's nothing else to blame
    But my, but my memory

    It's a craze no one knows
    Still I'm craving the days
    When this town was alive
    And amazing

    And for once I'm on time
    Still I'm falling around
    To the sights of this town
    'til they find me

    And you wouldn't call it fun
    When all the things you've done
    Amount to the same thing

    Here's the news, I'm alive
    But in habit of not taking chances
    Well that's what I'm finding

    We could try with new rules
    Just accept only one thing
    And that is that nothing
    Will change anything

    You see it all the time
    But now we've seen the last time
    That's the main thing

    Take a look at yourself
    In the mirror you'll find
    You look weirder
    The longer you stand there

    Just take a step away
    At least for one day
    And you'll be finding

    Just a shot in the dark
    Still a good enough aim
    To take half of the blame
    And be thankful

    For everything you've got
    I'd take another shot
    In the, in the dark with you

    Is it deal or no deal?
    Well I try everyday
    And I still have to say
    That it's no deal

    What time is it, 14?
    Well I'm ready when you are
    As long as we both want the same thing

    I'll put the candles out
    I don't mean put them out
    I mean, I mean get them burning

    You look good, how'd you feel?
    I feel good
    But I knew that I would
    From the moment I saw you

    Well thank you for your time
    And for not wasting mine
    That's a rare thing

    There's a savior in me
    Yet I can't save myself
    So good luck whoever else
    Believes in me

    You can only blame yourself
    I'm the savior in yourself
    And not in me

    You're the new kid in school
    Everybody looks at you
    Because of the fact
    That you are new

    Someone throw the kid a crutch
    I know it isn't much
    But it's what I'm thinking

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