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The Moody Blues Lyrics

When the breeze between us calls,
Love comes and lingers into our lives.
And the leaves begin to fall,
You point your finger at me.
I love you, yeah.
I love you.
In the sadness of your smile,
Love is an island way out to sea.
But it seems so long ago,
We have been ready trying to be free.
And it's up to you,
Why won't you say?
Make our lives turn out this way,
If they knew,
That we have got nothing to lose.
No reason to hide from what's true.
In the world of me and you,
All is forgotten when we're inside.
And the words that pass us by,
I am not listening to all of its lies.
And it's up to you,
Why won't you say?
Make our lives turn out this way.
If they knew, that we have got nothing to lose,
No reason to hide from what's true.
Then we have got nothing to lose.

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