John Legend feat. Kanye West It's Over Lyrics

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I don't want to be, what you want me to be
So when I call, you just yelling at me
I'm sorry its my fault, its over

[chorus: x2]
Now what do you keep calling there for
Its over, its over

(its over)
In the back of my mind I question why I keep calling
I guess I'm just used to getting my way I'm spoiled
I don't wanna be what you want me to be
So when I call you're just yelling at me
(I'm sorry it's my fault)
Oh and the clothes I brought you can still wear
Did you store the cards and teddy bears
See there I go again sticking my nose
(I'm sorry it's my fault)

[chorus: x2]

(It's over)
Girl talking to myself in the mirror is strange enough
So you gotta know sharing this with you is painful
You know we used to talk about our future
(It ain't just all my fault)(I know, I know we used to talk about it babe)
So say goodbye to the way the leaves would fall
The way we stand in the rain and we would ball (we would cry)
Just say goodbye to the walks and talks and the dogs in the park
(And it ain't just all my fault)

[Chorus: x2]

[Kayne West]
(It's over)
We lost a four leaf clover
Don't ask my shorty be over
News flash shorty we over
We like def jam and Hova
We like Bobby and Whitney
Except without the kiddies
Just like Pamela Anderson's career
Except without the tittes
We had some good times didn't we
I know I won't forget that
But we had some bad times and
That's time I wish I could get back
But I love you I can't let go
Now I just I just don't know
You been around me long enough
To know that now it's over.

[Chorus: x2]

(It's over) it's nothing we can do with it
So you might as well forget it (it's over)
Like we never ever did it (it's over) [Repeat: x4]

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