Ditchwater It's Over Lyrics

Going Forward Looking Back Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 It's Over
  • 2 Have You Ever
  • 3 Cloned Individuality
  • 4 Sacrifice
  • 5 Thankless
  • 6 Walk Away
  • 7 What Do You Want From Me Now
  • 8 Sees Me Through
  • 9 Eremosis
  • 10 Another Side of Me
  • 11 Can't Take It With You
  • 12 [untitled]

  • Chorus
    Oh how I try
    To push my feelings aside
    Oh this will go on
    Until I open my eyes and realize
    It's Over...
    I don't know
    What I wanted from me
    I just can't see
    All the signs in front of me
    Repeat Chorus
    I feel like I
    I can't justify
    All the things that I am
    In my life there is no end
    Repeat Chorus
    I'll try to find
    Everything that I hide
    Now that I know it's over
    Repeat Chorus

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