Better Than Ezra It’s Only Natural Lyrics

Your daddy's knocking on your door
I hear your footsteps on the floor, to me
Stumbling back to your room

It is a thing I can't explain
I only feel it when you go away
Waiting for you to return

Don't fight it if it feels good (don't fight it)
You hide it but you never should (don't hide it)
Don't listen to the voices in your head
What are you and me but monkeys in a tree
It's only natural

I know your mother's off at work
You say your dad is such a jerk to you
Why can't they just all fade away

Is that the way it's gonna be
I'm only happy when you're down on me
You can be my honey bee


(you know, they never caught jack the ripper)


Is it the color of your hair?
Is it the silly way you stare?

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