It's-Cold-Outside-lyrics-Queers/752FAD3DD6566607482572BA00138BD5It's-Cold-Outside-lyrics-Queers/752FAD3DD6566607482572BA00138BD5It's-Cold-Outside-lyrics-Queers/752FAD3DD6566607482572BA00138BD5 The Queers Lyrics

The Queers Lyrics

[Originally by The Choir]

Well the world used to be sunny
And jokes used to be funny
But now you're gone
And everything's turned around

Well the world used to be warm
And there never was a storm
But now you're gone and
Everythings turned upside down

And now it's cold outside
And the rain is pouring down
And the leaves are turning brown
Can't you see
That now it's cold outside
And it's all because of you
'cause there's nothing i can do
To make you love me

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