Stavesacre Island Lyrics

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This for all the things too hard to say
You know my way...
It's just my way

Restless, tense, and shifting in my seat
Changing times fight bottom lines fight dreams
And darlin' you won't hear my voice tonight
Even that is held just out of reach

But if you should wake one day to find
You don't see yourself as mine
If you should need to leave my side
You'd leave a better man behind

All I've seen and known I would make ours
But for each thing that blesses, more leave scars
And baby, we could just stay home tonight
I found some softness in world so hard

No one sees us making this
I feel it, and see it in their eyes
But I won't lose sleep if when they see you
They don't see me
I won't mind

I found an island in a sea of failing coals
A fire that never dies before it's grown
And I'm just another soul that's come in from the cold
Seeking shelter from the coming storms

Written by: James Stanley Mc Carty, Keith Relf
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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