Bow Wow Is That You (P.Y.T.) Lyrics

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CD 1
  • 1 Do You
  • 2 Big Dreams
  • 3 Let Me Hold You
  • 4 Fresh Azimiz
  • 5 Caviar
  • 6 Like You
  • 7 B.O.W.
  • 8 Go
  • 9 Do What It Do
  • 10 Is That You (P.Y.T.)
  • 11 Mo Money / Eighteen
  • [Chorus]
    I'm Looking for that
    Pretty young thing
    Up in the spot, looking hot playin' no games
    And she steady trying to get it crunk right from the jump
    And she playin' no games.
    That you Shawty? (yea that's me)
    Did you come here to party? (Yes indeed)
    Ha But could you drop it down low
    When its time to get low
    If so baby girl lets go.
    (Come and get it boy)

    They say I act old, but I got that old man game
    Cause I stay trying to find me a pretty young thing
    That I call anytime if she ready to hang
    And if sun'it jump off she be ready to bang
    I like 'em fresh outta high school just about
    To graduate short shirts ed'day trying t show they little shape
    Low cut jump jeans Lugz on hea feet
    Neighborhood girl but she love the streets
    In a party she the main one doing that right there
    Every time he a jam drop hands up in the air.
    And she ain't thinking you, she ain't thinking bout he a here
    And if you balling homie she don't even really curr
    She got her mind set on what she wanna do
    And she ain't come alone she got her whole little crew.
    Her P.Y.T's that'll make ya head spin
    Ery ***** in the club tryina get in


    They got a whole lot of attitude
    Rap is all that they listen to
    Stays in the sweet trying to find something new
    Custom Ipods with the rhinestones
    Nextel camera phones with all the hot ring tones.
    Light skin til black little PYT's
    Boricua mami's that like to eat Mickey D's
    Always into something like NWA gotta little bittie frame but home she don't play
    You know a girl is the reason that a ***** wanna stunt
    And I'm weak for em homie I ain't even goin' front
    See most young *****'s like em older not me
    Spot they spot me like in the summer I run up hit them with
    That Moss A game like "Baby was ya phone number? Were ya live at?
    Shawdy what part of town? 'cause I just
    Wanna be down!"


    Pretty young thing repeat after me
    Say Nah nanana "Nah nanana"
    Nah nanana "Nah nanana"
    Say pretty young thigs repeat after me
    Nah nanana "Nah nanana"
    Nah nanana "Nah nanana"

    [Chorus: x2]

    Written by: Jermaine Dupri, James E Ingram, Quincy D Jones, James Phillips
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group

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