Van Zant Is It Ror Real Lyrics

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Look back what do you see
Heroes down on their knees
We've been searching
Some where we lost the plot
Now just look what we got
Was it worth it

So you're a movie star
A billion dollar deal
All those classy cars
Tell me how it feels

With the 90's blowin' in the wind
The 60's drift in and back again
How'd you lose your new best friend
Just give him some money
Truth adds up to how it sounds
How you look is all that counts
You'll get by on all accounts

It's not even funny
Is It for real
Na na nananana
Na na nananana

That's good I have to admit
Oh, that you're full of shit
They'll buy it
Drowning in politics
Who'd go for any of this
You can have it
Tangled from a rope
One inch off the ground
Never been so low
It's such a long way down

Do it all til it's right
We're so blinded to the light
The t.v. screens become our life
How's your reflection
Take this world for all it's dreams
Turn it all into what you need
? calls
Truth is just an incurable affection
Tell me what is for real

Repeat Chorus

It's not even funny
No, it's not even funny
No, it's not even funny
Tell me is it real
Na na nananana
Na na nananana
What is for real
Na na nananana

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