Clint Black Iraq And Roll Lyrics

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Black ignited a storm when he wrote and recorded this social comment song Iraq And Roll on the Iraq war.

The song, written with Nicholas, caused the most controversy of the 100 tunes by the singer in his BMI catalogue.


You can wave your signs and protest
against America taking a stand,
the stands America's taking
are the reason that you can.
If everyone would go for peace
there'd be no need for war.
But we can't ignore the devil,
he'll keep coming back for more.

Some see this in black and white,
others only gray.
We're not begging for a fight,
no matter what they say.
We have the resolution
that should put 'em all to shame.
It's a different kind of deadline
when I'm called in the game.

Iraq, I rack 'em up and I roll,
I'm back and I'm a hi-tech GI Joe.
I pray for peace, prepare for war
and I never will forget ~
there's no price too high for freedom
so be careful where you tread.
This terror isn't man to man,
they can be no more than cowards.
If they won't show us their weapons
we might have to show them ours.

Now it might be a smart bomb,
they find stupid people too.
If you stand with the likes of Saddam,
well, one might just find you.
Iraq, I rack 'em up and I roll,
I'm back and I'm a hi-tech GI Joe.
I got infrared, I got GPS,
I got that good old-fashioned lead.
No price too high for freedom,
so be careful where you tread.
Now you can come along
or you can stay behind

or you can get out of the way.
But our troops take out the garbage
for the good old USA.
Iraq, I rack 'em up and I roll.
for the USA.

Performed by Clint Black
Written by Clint Black & Hayden Nicholas
Thanks to for submitting Iraq And Roll Lyrics.

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