The One AM Radio Invitation Only Lyrics

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You're always welcome, you're always welcome. well, come on in. how long has it been? so, hello, how are you? my, you're looking fine. it's been such a long time since you walked out without a sign. it's always easier to be leaving than to be the one left behind, but i did not mind - you're always welcome. well, come on in. it's so good to see you

A Cloud's Fear of Kites : A Kite's Fear of Heights Track Listing
  • 1 Shortest Day of the Year
  • 2 The Greatest of Ease
  • 3 Thin Air
  • 4 A Ghost on the East Coast
  • 5 Invitation Only
  • 6 The Memory Deserts
  • 7 The Wind and Son
  • 8 Wax
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