Kill Your Ex Invertebrate Lyrics

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I'd take one for you but would you take one for me

I'd give up my life so you wouldn't have to bleed

Is this where it ends and your line begins?

Another night I'll tell my self to hold it in

I'm still running from you

You'll catch up soon in my head

Do you know how much this hurts?

Innocence lost Burning inside of you

Bury the sun (I never felt it anyway)

I'm Scarring the scab, with more knives coming in

Leave it alone and it's bound to go away

You owe me two years of life

Take this knife from my back

And you might as well kill me with it

Betrayal is the fire inside of you so what's left of me

When I'm living inside of you

I'll come out when the carcass becomes me

The Circulist Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Ignis Fatuus
  • 2 Whirlpool
  • 3 Invertebrate
  • 4 Leave It Blank
  • 5 Crawl Spaces
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