Vaughn Anthony Intro Lyrics

What up world? It’s your boy DJ J Fields
Court DJs representative, court DJs worldwide
You already know how I get down
I break records, I break artists
But it’s not about me today
It’s about the homie, the family
Vaughn Anthony that is (Vaughn Anthony that is)
Today he’s gonna teach us about the life of a player
But you ain’t gotta take my word for it
So let’s get in to it, let’s go

This Kanye West
This is Nas
This is Alicia Keys
This is Janet
This is Mariah
Wussup? This Jay Z
This is Rihanna
Ayo wuddup? It’s the Mr. Thanksgiving
Barack O’ Drama, DJ Drama
And you know I rock with my homie DJ J Fields
Y’all gotta pay attention, y’all know what it is hallo

Court DJs

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