Psychopathic Rydas Intro Lyrics

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(Sweet Daddy Coconut)
Run yo shit bitch! That's right bitch, you done fucked up real bad! And I'ma tell you why...cause if you look behind me you ain't gonna see nothin but a row of black trucks!
Oak on steerin', leather on dash, velvet on seat with the smokey windows and the big face screens in the back of every chair. We got all black trucks baby! Look like charcoal dipped in daimond chipped candy wit the big flakes.
Sittin on 27 inch rims, which is enough to give anybody who ain't a playa a bloody nose. Show you how we stay on our toes. You see this mutha fucka right here? See this mutha fucka mean muggin you ready to blow yo shit out? That's Cell Block. (You gonna have to run them shoes, player!)
Yea that motherfucker right there with his hand in his waist line...that's Bullet. You don't wanna know him (What dat watch like pimpin'?) Muthafucka sitting on the hood of the car over there shining the gat...Foe Foe, bitch! (What up yall?) I'm letting ya know. (Hey somebody run his pockets for me yall!) That right there, that my homie Sawed Off
They don't call him that cause it's a clever name. They call him that cause of the tool he use to put yo ass in the ground! (Man you looking at my arm, dawg?) This right here this my dog, Full Clip. Known for emptying all full clips and reloading them. (Hey take them mutha fuckin pants off son!) This playa right here, this my homie Converse and he straight from the streets! Believe me, you don't wanna see him. (Take off them jewels man, run that!) And this mutha fucka right here, this Lil Shank. (Tell em who I am!) You gotta watch his ass...he's been known for stabbin' off in people's neck! (Yea let me get yo neck dawg!) And I'ma tell you who I am, muthafucka. Well I'm Sweet Daddy Coconut! And the way you looking at me getting me real upset in this muthafucka! I'ma step back and let the Psychopathic Rydas get in that ass bitch!
Check Your Shit in Bitch! Track Listing
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Time 2 Ride
  • 3 4 My Rydas
  • 4 Pimpsuit
  • 5 Crackin'
  • 6 Gunsmoke
  • 7 Scrimps
  • 8 Ride Off
  • 9 Money Green
  • 10 Murder Fo' Hire
  • 11 Guilty
  • 12 Run Than
  • 13 Last Ride
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