DJ Khaled feat. Sizzla (Intro) I’m So Grateful Lyrics

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[Intro: Sizzla]
Never let me down
For the kings have decreed (bless thy soul)
Righteousness shall be
Show us thy love, oh
Have mercy upon thy soul
Never let me down, no man
Happened today like nothing
DJ Khaled!

[Verse 1: Sizzla]
I wanna say thank you for the time and the love that you share
All the help and the effort just to get me there
When everyone turned their back you showed me how muched you care
You believed in me, never forget you I swear
I'll always be strong, my character defines me
I will never be that hateful and throw stones behind me
Temptation and ego can get you so wrong
A lot of people easily forget where they're comin' from

[Chorus: Sizzla]
I'm so grateful for all you've done to bless your soul
With the riches of love forever
Happiness shine as a burning sun
It's a blooming blessing, hey
Let it flow, it's a pleasure

[Verse 2: Sizzla]
Hours upon hours searching for a better way out
And the evil and ignorant people sending the choppers
Still just gotta look out
Jah is my guide, I know I'm here for a reason
Put my trust in the Most High
And my prayers are so consistent, ah
Who would've thought it would be like this today?
Nothing but prayers lift up your head
Lion in the jungle, I tell ya
He who have been blessed...

[Interlude: DJ Khaled
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