Neal McCoy Intro (General Tommy Franks) Lyrics

That's Life Track Listing
  • 1 Got Mud
  • 2 Intro (General Tommy Franks)
  • 3 The Last of a Dying Breed
  • 4 That's Life
  • 5 All Over Again
  • 6 Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On
  • 7 That's a Picture
  • 8 You Let Me Be the Hero
  • 9 Tailgate
  • 10 Tails I Lose
  • 11 Jessie
  • 12 You're My Jamaica (feat. Charley Pride)
  • 13 Head South
  • 14 Hillbilly Rap (live)
  • Ray was a farm boy, a cowboy an' a banker.
    A clerk, a roughneck, a driller,
    A long-haul driver, a soldier an' a mechanic.
    He was also a friend to everybody he ever met.
    Ray taught me the value of Faith an' family,
    The American flag, hard work, honesty an' a good dog.
    I hope my Daddy Ray wasn't the last of a dyin' breed.

    Written by: Darin Keith Pappas, Nuno Manuel Dias Carneiro

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