Anybody Killa Intro (Dirty History) Lyrics

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Hey, anybody wanna hear something dirty? <b>Sure!</b>
Well, you know, you're gonna have to help me. <b>Okay!</b>
You know that old building, next to the indian burial grounds? <b>Yeah.</b>
Well, word has it, there's a chest buried under the floor boards, under the stairway there.
And inside it, there's all types of dirty history, left behind by this crazy warrior. <b>He was an indian!</b>
Now people say if it was ever dug up, it would bring this guy back around.
That he has written all these messages himself.

So now that I've told you all...
You STILL wanna hear something dirty? <b>Uh-huh, yeah!</b>

Okay, follow me. <b>Where we going, man?</b>
Look, there's the stairway!
Come on, hurry up!
Let's pull up these floorboards! <b>Dirty History, Dirty History</b>
Look, there it is! <b>That's the thing about</b>
Help me pull it up! <b>Dirty History, Dirty History</b>
Quick, give me something to break off this lock. <b>Dirty History, Dirty History</b>

Cool.. now help me open it.

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