Tone Trump Intro Ace Capone Speaks Live From Federal Prison Lyrics

A federal prison
Hang up to decline the call
Or to accept dial 5 now
If you wish to block any calls of this nature
Dial 7 now
To decline this call hang up

Ey this Ace Capone man
I certified a stamp to
Tone Trump the new fresh prince of Philly
You know what we doin' is rather unique
Said we gonna bring you
Truth and life events
Based of our end of spears man
When you live to the music man
You're not only learn what not to do
You're gonna learn what to do
And have a gain from it yeah man
So that's the new herschelle man
That's what we doing man
One thing what a hustle man
A hustle make
Something out of nothing man
And hustle know how to excel
We go hard on anything we do man
And that's what's unique about
All the situations we create
And doin' man
We gon' take things to another level
And that's the difference
It's like my boy, go hard to take on Ace Capone man
It's truth the life events
Based on first hand experience man
And I want you all to learn from this man
And that's what we gonna do man so
You know Take Down records
Tone Trump new fresh prince of Philly
Yeah man, shout out to young Jeezy man
Most of the dope boys,you know
I respect them for putting talks up
All man,recognizing, an artist that just knows how to win man
So that's what we gonna do man
We gonna go hard man
And that's it

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