Disturbed Intoxication Lyrics

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Now you tell me you like it
You tell me you want it
You're mine
And you don't need another one
Come on and tell me you like it
Tell me you want it
You're mine
And another one to me

What can you take from me
That which you cannot buy
Laughing and turning away
What will you take from me
Now that you are inside
Now are you feeling

Enough, to vilify what I love
To sanctify all I hate
Endowed with the need
To carry over the life I lead
Believe Track Listing
Enhanced CD 1
  • 1 Prayer
  • 2 Liberate
  • 3 Awaken
  • 4 Believe
  • 5 Remember
  • 6 Intoxication
  • 7 Rise
  • 8 Mistress
  • 9 Breathe
  • 10 Bound
  • 11 Devour
  • 12 Darkness
  • 13 Prayer

  • Written by: Dan Donegan, David Draiman, Michael Wengren, Mike Wengren, Steve Kmak
    Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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