Project Pat Interlude 6 Lyrics

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Yea, your boy Project Pat mane
Yall could follow me on Twitter at Project Pat HCP
That’s Project Pat HCP
Follow my Instagram, Money 5000
That’s my real Instagram, Money 5000
And you know cuz it’s some crazy dude from Australia got the Project Pat HCP as a Instagram but that’s my Twitter
My real Instagram is Money 5000
I mean you know he, he some stalker from out of Australia
I don’t man, he retarded
Much love to all the fans who supported throughout the years
East coast, Midwest, down south
And everybody cross them waters
And oh yea shout out to Canada man, you know what I’m sayin
Quebec, Montreal, all that shit man, Vancouver
Yall know we fucks with that Canada real tough shit
Shout out to Canada
Man be on the lookout for that bet on 4-3
4-20 addition mean the Nasty Mane going in on that thing
Yall can follow Nasty Mane too at Nasty Mane 901
That’s Nasty Mane 901
And that’s N-A-S-T-Y-M-A-N-E-9-0-1

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