Labrat Instant Karma Lyrics

Ruining It for Everyone Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Diary of a Piss Drinker
  • 2 Father, Son and Holy Goat
  • 3 Retention
  • 4 Hilary's Song
  • 5 Rest Among the Slit
  • 6 Instant Karma
  • 7 Clint Eastwood Is Very Hard, Innit
  • 8 Merrick Sympathiser
  • 9 Phulled by Farmiceuticals
  • 10 Two Pigs Fucking
  • Unleashed the rage, no reprieve
    What you've done is coming back around
    Instant karma, appropriate I believe
    Laugh out loud I beat you harder
    Both hands broken you can't fight back
    For years you tried to break me
    Turned round no fists my odds are stacked
    Strapped and abused in misery
    Chewed up pissed on cast aside
    No place for me in your plan for life
    Learned through time to depend on you
    And you ask me why I'm bitter
    Placed you on a pedestal and fell
    Outstayed my welcome once again
    Your actions unacceptable
    And you ask me why I'm bitter
    Two's company, three's a crowd
    Time for me, disallowed
    Beaten fucked up it feels so sweet
    Justice served for what you've done
    Left now taped up in your defeat
    Your time for repent is nigh, scum
    And I see you smiling now
    And you ask me why I'm bitter
    You know I really used to like you don't you?
    Consciousness slips away over time
    You know I really used to like you.....

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