The Gadjits Insensitive Lyrics

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and real fucking insensitive, you got that?
(Oh yeah.) Alright then.

Tryin' to tell me I'm insensitive but I fall asleep
So you smack me in the head and then start to weep
When we make love I never let you come
I'm just happy to be getting some

You say I'm insensitive but it just don't phase me
I know you'll never find another to replace me (x2)

So you wanna let me in on all your deepest thoughts
But I'd rather be on the couch with a beer watching football
You snuggle up to me and try to get into the game.
But I won't answer your questions or listen to a word you say.


Rock steady!
Yeah, I got something to say about that.
Girl, I would like to talk to you. (Alright)
Beacause, if you think that I'm the best you can do, (Uh-huh)
Then forget those dreams of true love because all that shit,
That will never come true. (What the fuck you talkin' 'bout?)
But I'd like to thank you and I'm glad we can have this talk.
(Talk, mothafucka? What you talkin' 'bout?)
Now, get the hell out of here and let me watch my football game.
And bring me some eggs when you come back up in this motherfuckin'...
(Fuck you, man! What the fuck?
You can't get off sayin' that motherfuckin' shit!)

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! (repeat ad nauseum)

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