Pigface Insects Seibold Lyrics

Thumb through the chord
spill the gas
take a whiff
pick your cause
check your watch
fuck the risk
strike a match

the stitching in the pocket
wont hold
shake a fist
run and chase
make a list
take a blow to the face

beg for the scraps
stack-em up, steal a gun
load-em up, no lead
skip a loop, just for fun

so you wanna be second or just sick, take your pick
punch the ballot on the top
see a window
throw a rock

see the ugly ones in
let the insects win
Then the idiot smiles
When the insects win

so hard to look lost
show the tag, what's it cost
suck it in
spit it out
cinch the noose and the doubt
Go to sleep in your dreams, ask your friends what it means
find the gaps, overlaps, who you are in between
gripe like a kid, pack your bags, slam the lid
take a hit off a smoke you already choke -ed
back into place for the justice You crave
like a dog you just scratch for an answer to anything
answers for everything settle for lies

see the ugly ones in
let the insects win
Where's your pregnant bride?
When the insects win
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