Pearl Jam Insane Lyrics

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Fuck me in the brain (X2)
You fuckin' little cunt
You're drivin' me insane
Fuck me in the brain (X2)
You're drivin' me, drivin' me insane

Fuck me in my life...hah...
You wanted to be my wife,huh,huh,hah...
Fuck me in my brain,fuck...
I may be a...
I don't believe nothin',even if it's true,no...

Fuck me,fuck me,in my brain
Fuck me,my ears are open,in my brain
Fuck me

You think I care
'Bout those emotions you wear
You think I care
'Bout the way you wear your veil
You think our love,huh
Is so far above...oh...
Fuck me (X7)

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