Union 13 Innocence Lyrics

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You can't win all the time
No one owns the perfect mind
You can build and hope to find
The tangible worth while kind


Bury me, I make true all the things I conceive
Innocent, there's no blood on my hands when the plan intervenes

No one out there thinks like you
Awareness doesn't ensure wisdom
Sure enough the scorners laugh
Understand and you will manage


So I find out I'm wrong
I don't mind I'll flick it off and continue
Living has to be done so don't dwell
On memories that impale you
It's very hard to feel strong in a shell
That is soft, light, and fragile
Learning to get along you'll be well
If there's a now, there's a later
Nothing that you see is real!
Nothing that you feel's real!
Even life itself ain't real!


Written by: Benjamin Sandoval, Edward Ramon Escoto, Gerardo Navarro, Jose Mercado, Louie Robert Villareal
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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