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Vanilla Ninja Lyrics

A girl, in this world
She`s all alone, her friends they all turn
their backs at her
Walkin` down her hometown streets
With headphones playin` some oldskool beats
Her baggy pants, crazy hair
She`s called a "freak" and thet`s not fair
The other day she pierced her nose
But anyway...

They don`t understand
Thet she prefers it her own way
Different from the rest
Doesn`t care what people say
Not dressing to impress
But tryin` to follow her own heart
You listen to its sound
Turn on your inner radio

So go, don`t say "no"
To what you feel is right for you
And just like that girl in her world
Is feelin` free and happy
What you got to do is:
Break the rules, don`t waste your time
Get a tattoo
And remember that whatever you do
Just be yourself
`Cos anyway...


Inner radio

Inner radio

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