Paradigma Inner Chanting Lyrics

Mare Veris Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Come Winter
  • 2 Best Regards
  • 3 Inner Chanting
  • 4 One Away From Paradise
  • 5 Sleep
  • 6 The Shadow
  • 7 Terra Mater
  • 8 Journey's End
  • 9 When the Storm Comes Down
  • Traverse through me and bring close to my kin
    Into the tree so the mountain may sing
    Ashes are flowers, my fountain to spring

    Gather old stones as my soul is set free
    Lay them in nests of all infinity
    Steep hills through crypts and the halls I can see
    Fairies in wind hear me, I summon thee

    Fairies in wind, hear me calling
    Let the flood begin, as my chanting
    Unites mud moss and star
    The grim ones dance in the blood
    Of the ancient lore that's lost
    Stride upon bright air like an angel
    Virgin without fear, nature compels
    Me to cut the thread, vis of yonder
    Allures me with ancientry lustrum

    Fairies, heave me...
    As I chant the circling rime...

    Conjure the fires from deepest waters
    Passionately dance into forest blessed
    Lust for the misty mazes and you'll find
    Dusk is dawn as your realm is the divine

    Urios guides my way as I fly
    Growing zygote through Tirana of life
    During Alagas a Ruach to be
    Shaped as a raven in prodigy
    I wend in wind and I will be a

    Fairy in wind, gleeful creature
    Find a thrawn queen in the terre verte
    Unite mud moss and star
    And the seared ones dance in the blood
    Of the ancient lore once lost
    The spiral unwinds, lurid it shines
    The Ancient of days reveals the
    Sparkling gift of Mantiens

    Fairies calling
    Chanting aphrodisiac
    Untied, a thrawn king
    Flies through the zodiac

    Immortalise through affectation
    Drink your blood poured in the grail
    Journey through the deepest spirals
    Into nature's inner veil
    Use your powers to experience
    Life and death, your soul's ordeal
    Seek the faries and the ravens
    While your mind is still unsealed

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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