Stevie Stone Inka Binka Lyrics

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Ha haa, put up wish master
Basement beats flamoose
Hit me ha hey
They call me miracle I'm strutten in those high heels,
You stick your booty out when you see those windmills
I need those bigger wheels
See that's a done deal
She gotta thong on, now watch me spin those wheels
I ain't playing with cha I'm tryna holla at ya
She grabbed me by the collar had to through some dollars at her
Shes sippin 5.2 think I thought it out dawg get it in the backseat
Put it to the dashboard
She's a super freak but yeah she on the cover, how much her name
At dress and your phone number de de due dear setter the run tone
Setters it's maccaveli on the cover lover,

She bad she bad she bad she bad,
She gotta inka binka babah licka ah bah b***alicka ah
Chu cooko b***o licka a go u
I'm bad I'm bad I'm bad I'm bad
I gotta inka binka bubbah licka ah bah b***alicka ah chu
Cooko b***o licka ah go cho
Cheak it
What it is mummy I wanna be your papi
I got some freaky tails and hot exotic topics and when we get it started
I don't see any us stoppen it's just some hard core anticipated
Real bed rocking ill watch you take it off and get your body warm
See we gun breaka sweats see this is how it enormous
I got that inka binka need I'm take a peeka I wanna spray it out
I'm getting deeper need deeper I got me dead wrong she got her own
Song she got ah chu coco cabobo on her ringtone say she
Love when it swallows I had a little pass I'm making anchala I never
Met a bad girl
It's your birthday [x5]


It's your birthday [x5]

Shake it like your birthday

[Chorus x4]
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